Friday, May 20, 2011


I'm moving away from critiquing fashion and turning to movies:

So, this week I saw Thor. (I'm actually counting this as my workout for Friday-it was that exciting!)
The Norse Gods are so downplayed-I'm glad they finally got a chance in the spotlight. Judging by the success of Thor compared to several movies about Greek, Roman, and Egyptian deities, I'd say, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Additionally, I'm now considering switching over to particle physics (to be among the first to hear about other worlds/dimensions/etc) so I'll probably not be graduating for a few more years...

That's it-not actually much of a review it turns out (don't call me Egbert). But go see it, it was great!

In other news:
Workout Day 3 consisted of me (painfully) hobbling up and down the stairs ten times (this house is in a retirement community-I have no idea why they have stairs anyways!) followed by a session with an electric kneading Shiatsu massager (one that I have been trying to get O to throw out for two years now-you bet I'll be keeping that for the next time I brave the gym/outdoors/anything involving my pristine 3+ year old workout shoes). By the end of the night, I was bending around like the most advanced Honda Robot (the one that can run-quite a break through in robotic technology).

Day 4: still a bit stiff so my workout was once again rather (completely) stationary. In fact, it was just me rigging the Shiatsu massager (which is made for the back/neck) to fix my (incredibly) stiff legs. It was not comfortable so I figure it can count as working out-not cardio, but some sort of workout, right?

Day 5: I'm back to normal (mostly) but I knew I needed to be able to make it into the theater to see Thor so I avoided anything strenuous. I think for the success of my workouts next week, I'll start out with the yoga and save the legs torture for Friday. At the very least, I cannot complain, at all, of having any moments of the RLs (restless leg syndrome, or, as I also call it, Relief Society legs) this week so I guess some good was done.

All in all-I'm a little worried I don't deserve the sea salt and pretzel caramels I ordered on Monday (I decided to reward myself-in advance-for the major fitness journey I was embarking on that evening). They are coming next Tuesday at 8 am (Winder Dairy experiment) so I have just a few days left to get in shape so I can eat them without worrying about the
sugar + not working out = terrible consequences thing.

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Jesse said...

Thanks for the movie review! I am quite curious about this massaging thing!