Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goodbye Robe, Hello Cape!

Just when you think there is no more room for innovation, someone invents this!

For the 10th day of my birthday celebration, I bought myself something I've had my eye on for quite a few weeks....

a combo cape/blanket!

Now, I can give my robe a rest and wear this around my rather chilly abode.
The situation is this. My house is cold everywhere but my bedroom- no matter what I do. And when I turn on the heat, the bedroom becomes a raging version of Dante's Inferno (which leads to wild dreams and difficulties sleeping) while the other rooms stay luke warm. To keep myself from becoming a shivering bit of frozen water (since I am over 55% H2O), I throw on my robe the moment I walk in the door.
Now don't get me wrong, I love my robe and all, but, I thought adding a second outfit to my survival wardrobe would not be amiss.
Since I will be spending quite a bit of time in it, I decided to pay a little extra to get a nice shade of aqua that will highlight my eyes (the desert-sand color one was on an even bigger sale) and I think it really paid off. I have totally loved zipping around in the furry little blue blanket cape.

There is only one tiny little problem (and probably why this was on sale):
the only thing that distinguished my capelet from a regular old throw were two plastic tags hooking the sides together under my chin (exactly like the tag that hooks a new pair of socks together). I had to cut off the first so that I could get my head through the hole (the man at the bike store did say I needed the large helmet...) And as soon as I cut off the second (which I don't intend to do but I assume it may come apart on its own), my capelet will become a blanket. I must say, I thought they would have the good sense to put a velcro closure or a button or something. I suppose, that will be the next innovation-a permanent capelet/blanket. Just imagine how wild the world will go when a blanket with sleeves comes out!
For now, I will just try to enjoy the capelet stage and worry about the blanket when the time comes.

Fashion advice from someone wearing a snuggie: The Royal Wedding part 1

Here we are (not at the royal wedding).
This was the Queen's birthday celebrations and it was so much fun!
A big part of my birthday celebrations (as you know I am celebrating for 26 days straight) has been keeping up on the Royal Wedding. I was glued to the TV from 11:30 pm to 5:45 am on the big day, and have watched reruns all weekend- it was just such a fabulous affair. After weeks of reading about the people involved, I feel like we are friends and I've started referring to them by just their first names :). In case some of you have been out of the loop-I thought I'd compile some of the most fun moments and pictures.
Here is the first, of several, posts on the Royal Wedding Extravaganza

Words to a few guests on their fashion (or lack thereof):
Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie
First off: Beatrice, my mom wants to know why you have antlers. This "hat" makes no sense at all. (I do not know what Philip Treacy was thinking.)
Next: Eugenie, whoever told you that outfit looked good should be fired. The neckline has turned you into a big-busted square and there is something majorly wrong with your hem. Congrats on choosing a better hat than Beatrice, but, I'm still not going to bid for it when Fergie sells it on ebay.
However, I will not be too harsh on you two, after all, I have seen what some of my own sisters deem as "appropriate" party-wear when left without my mother's sage advice.
Chelsy Davy:
I'm sure you are busy at the law firm and all but for the next royal function, wake up early enough to do your hair. Things might be different out on the Savanna but in London, it is simply expected that Harry's on again/off again girlfriend does so. PS: I don't know how you have made one of my all time fav designers, Alberta Ferreti, look so un-couture. Again, you and Eugenie must consider your necklines.

Philipa: you look good (for a commoner). J/k-You have proved that commoners can (and do) look better than royalty more often than not. Your dress fits perfectly and the buttons are wonderful.

Whoever you are: the cowl neck is bizarre. End of story.

Lady Sophie:

So glad that someone knows how to wear a hat. You look fabulous.

Sally Bercow:

I can only assume you thought you were headed to interview for a position as a somewhat scandalous secretary and were as surprised as all of us when you walked into a church for a wedding. Just try not to bend over too far.

Princess Letizia of Spain:

You look like a doll. The dress is feminine and lovely.

The Beckhams:
David-you are wearing your medal on the wrong side of your suit, but, you still look dashing.
Victoria-you have come along way from the Spice Girls. Look great for the most part. Interesting idea to slick your hair back into a face-lift (I'll try that when I get a little older), the hat is testing Newton's theory on gravity, I'm extremely disappointed in the shoes you had Christian Louboutin design for you-they are boring.

Next up: the gorgeous wedding dresses!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The celebrations continue!

Birthday celebration Day 3: Birthday party!!
Easter eggs, Jdawgs, Ice cream sundaes and, of course, Pink Cookies!

Easter Eggs-several peeps were quite into them
L did some hand painting

Mad's masterpieces

The bartender:
A few of his creations

"Make-a-wish" complete with a Birthday candle

"The Barbie" with rock candy crumbles

Day 4: Easter
Easter Egg hunt

Christian was into the festivities

Ava found an umbrella

Zoe was quite the gatherer

I found a golden egg!

my dinner assignment

try to tell me that is not fabulous!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Doctor is in.....almost, and Birthdays day 2

Today is Graduation Day!!! (at least, for some it is)
Third year down

and currently looking forward to a conference in Detroit...

Other news, the 2nd day of my birthday celebration has been wonderful!
I spent all morning trying on my new Tarina Tarantino makeup and the end result....
A total hottie!
(technically this is not me and is actually the Tarina Tarantino model, but, by the time I was done, we looked essentially the same)

So I felt (and looked I'm sure) really fabulous all day and, thanks to the delicious lotion from Mad, I smelled divine!

O took me to dinner and brought a marvelous gift (wrapped with matching tissue paper and a bow!), Mario Party 8 plus everything I need for a game night: treats, Dr P, and cute popcorn bowls. I am totally into video games and I am already planning endless hours of Mario Party!!

Here are a few pics:
Dinner at El Farols

Dinner at Gloria's
You can barely see it by I've got on this fab necklace from Lauren!

The Gift-O really was so proud of the wrapping :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthdays Are Great!

Well, the cracker backdrop was not such a hit after all.

As for other news, today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!
I am the biggest fan of birthdays ever, I just love them!

I started celebrating with a birthday eve dinner at Chick-fil-a and a night of Merlin (if you aren't watching this, you better start!), and I went to bed just after receiving my first official happy birthday-a midnight text from Jesse.
This morning was filled with lounging and brunching- french toast with O at Magelby's (they have the best syrup there), and of course birthday calls from all of you as well as Justin Bieber, Usher etc (thank you to the National Cancer Foundation and Lauren for arranging those), after which I got ready for the day in the most leisurely of fashions, I even went the extra mile and put on my party lashes. I decided not to go to work on my birthday and instead went to the lab (where I normally work) to have some fun while enjoying more birthday good wishes-by this time I was starting to think I was really something special :)
My evening was filled with more delights. My parents took us all out to my fav Mexican restaurant for gift opening and dinner (this is the only day of the year I can get people to this place).
The parentals had another surprise for me, a very spectacular birthday gift....
A cruiser!!
These two are total bike fiends and they searched all the bike shops for the perfect fit. In the end, they decided I had better come choose it myself. After riding them around the stores, I finally made a decision. Doesn't it look great!

watch for me and ET riding around the universe-I'll certainly be posting more bike riding pics soon!

My night ended with O's parents singing me happy birthday over the phone. After a day full of birthday calls, texts, FB messages, thoughtful gifts, and non-stop fun, I am reminded that I have the best friends and family imaginable and I must be the luckiest person in the world!
Thank you all for making my birthday so great!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New blog, New life

I've decided to completely redesign my blog (I think the black Goth theme just confused everyone), and my life (I am accepting suggestions for pillow colors that will go nicely with a white duvet).
I figured if I put saltine crackers as the backdrop then I would probably get tons of new readers. So I go to the template design page and sure enough, there is a saltine cracker backdrop-I think I'm onto something! Additionally I found a font called "Unkempt", which happens to be a word I spent several minutes pondering last week. It turns out it is a word and, as a font, is hard to read.

Welcome to my new life.