Sunday, August 23, 2015

June 2014

I'm still plugging away, plodding very slowly actually, at recapping the past 15 months. It takes me weeks to build up the motivation, then 10 minutes to throw together the post.

Basically, June was quite similar to May. We were tired zombies but BB was a cute cute cutie!! If I had not been so dang sick from the mastitis, and so incredibly tired-hemorrhaging is a beast to recover from-things would have been perfect! Yes, it's like I just can't resist throwing in a plea for sympathy. I'll probably do that up to about the year posts and then I'll get over it :) Even with my health problems things were pretty amazing with out little BB. Owen was just a few months into working at Qzzr so his work schedule was crazy but BB and I would go on walks over at the parkway in the morning before it got too hot (so like crack of dawn) and at Wheeler Farm in the afternoon. I have to laugh because I would walk for about an hour, and the distance I would go I can now easily walk in like 10-15 minutes. Yikes, recovery is rough. By about the end of June BB started getting on a good schedule and we had a good routine. I think BB slept about 18 hours a day and I might have been up there pretty close to that. I'm out visiting Lauren and baby Charlie right now (post soon to come) and it's so funny to see how Charlie makes a little peep and it freaks her out-I was so totally like that. BB never cried and if he even fussed it was like the world was coming to an end I would get so worked up. For the month of June BB was still sleeping in our room, getting up about twice a night, napping great during the day, we discovered the amazing swing-that is the best investment you can make, and ran the vacuum for hours at a time :) I don't know if I mention this in the past post but BB for like the first month would peep out of all of his diapers (bc his idiot parents did not tighten them enough). So we were changing him into different pj gowns like 5 times a day. If he ever even got a drop of spit up on his shirt (he was not a spitty baby much) we also changed his clothes. My older sisters would just look at me in disbelief and just say, just wait a few months, you are not going to change over that amount of spit up then. There were a few terrible explosions (one on the green couch on a towel comes to mind) but my neighbor introduced me to oxiclean and all was well. Today Charlie had an explosion and now there is a mass washing of bedding going on-we had our share of those. I suppose we had very clean sheets :)

BB's nursery. Thanks to Fred and Kristy for the wallpaper! :) Scraping all the texture off those walls really paid off. :)

I so loved the Kissy Kissy outfits, they are soooo soft :)

We were such tired zombies. In fact, I barely even remember the first several months of BB's life!

I'm pretty sure this was the day BB met Shirley, Johnna, and Mckenzie. As previously mentioned, that was the first shower I took while home alone with the beebster bc he spit up all over me :)

This was the party that Elissa told me about burping BB :), love this outfit

The day BB met Pud. He was sleeping with his arms out like this for a long time :)

BB wore these pjs from Tina B. forever bc I loved them so much! Eventually they turned little shorts. This blanket is from Elissa's mom's store.

BB and Gideon :) I think Gideon was about two weeks old. These two are 6 weeks apart and, naturally, will be best friends for life. :) BB also loves Jamo-kneeling above-he calls him Ben Ben. :)

Tiny baby owl hat from Elissa :)

This is prob the first pic (one of only a few for the first several months) of me and BB, I should have taken more!

One of my first outings with BB was to babysit these guys for like an hour. He was prob 6-7 weeksish. I was so overwhelmed trying to feed him that I did not see Xanadoo writing all over Erika's checkbooks :)

I love tub photos :)

Loved this onesie from Katelin-she helped host a nautical baby shower.

He has had the most amazing cowlick from the day he was born.

I did not realize (I'm writing this in Aug 2015) that we started TV (see Ipad in the background) sooooo early!!!! Aaaaahhhhh, BB is doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are loser parents sometimes. :) He used to like nursery rhymes on youtube during tummy time. This is also his "once, when I was a little girl" (quote from O's grandpa) dress. I always laugh that he had this purple sleeping gown-it was actually for boys I'll have you know. It was super soft material so he wore it all the time. Plus, I love those gowns, so easy to change them.

Oh my word he's such a jolly baby!!!

Prob my first (and only) selfie. This was BB's first time looking in the mirror. He loved it, but ever since he has had very little interest in mirrors. (I thought babies loved them?). I suppose he is too busy to be vain. :) (It's hard to write comments without my emojis these days, this should have a smile with the tears coming out).
PS this has become my uniform. This summer I even have a tan line where my exercise pants end. My sisters and I have been laughing about it all summer-the terrible uniform of my black pirate t shirt and pants, but seriously, I need to spruce it up. If I'm going to get such great use out of it I should step it up and go to lulu lemon!

BB loves to be outside. I used to sit in the porch with him outside when he was fussy and he just loved looking at the trees. When O would come home from work sometimes we would sit outside and eat dinner (on the front porch, weird of us but the back yard is tooooo sunny, I have umbrellas this year though) and it was just quite theraputic for us tired zombies. I would look around the neighborhood which looked just the way it had before I had BB and think how crazy that everyone was just living their normal life and this wild thing-having a baby-had happened to us. It was quite comforting to think that one day you feel totally normal about it all :)

Trying on his blessing outfit-have you ever seen anything so adorable!?!?!? Erika was holding him and he promptly burst into the biggest crocodile tears after I took this-I have no idea why, but its funny because he has this thing about crying really dramatically whenever Erika is around. :)

We went to church! I thought I better get back to the primary piano. I got sick again with mastitis though and other than this week, the blessing week, and one or two other weeks BB did not go back for a long time-well, he started going the third hour to YM with O. We would rotate who stayed home the first hour, then O would stay home the second hour, then take him to YM. Actually, I think last Sunday was his first time going to the three hour block after this (that would be Aug 2015)!

Tummy Time! We seriously lived on my bed, good thing its at least a king, for the first 6 months of BB's life. We hadn't had the main floor painted, did not have furniture on the main floor (other than the kitchen table and the green loveseat), and, the basement has yet to be redone. It was a lovely room to hang out in but I'm sure loving the living room these days :) glad we got that all finished!

Loved this outfit!! I got this for him at our Girls Vegas Trip before he was born :)