Friday, March 18, 2011

The mouse trap car competition

I was just reading about how my nephew won the Pinewood Derby. This reminded me of the day I won the state mouse trap car competition.

It started out like this: Show up for the school competition. I did not win. I did not come in second place. I went home. Received a call from the teacher. Second place person had dropped out. Could I go to the state championship? Yes, I would get school off. My dad made some major upgrades to the car. Went to BYU for competition. Only girl there. Everyone laughed at my car. My mom was embarrassed to be seen with me and my "loser" car. Had to stand in the corner alone while she pretended not to know me :). Race began. Half of the cars were disqualified because they did not meet regulation standards. One car went backwards. My car won. My mom and I were in complete shock. Actually, everyone was in complete shock. Gave the nerds who scoffed earlier a smirk. Went back to school. Thought I was cool. Was absolutely humiliated when not just my involvement but my success at the event was announced over the loud speaker. Everyone found out I was not so cool. I think this may have pushed me into nerdiness. At least my dad was quite elated with his success :) Future: look for me LARPing about the neighborhood.

For the record, the Pinewood Derby and the mouse trap car race are not at all the same thing. For starters, everyone loves the Pinewood Derby while the other, well, there's a smaller crowd out for that...
Fortunately, my nephew looked ecstatic in his pinewood derby photos and I have by now realized that nerds can be cool too :)