Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Am I the only one who has to hide my toothbrush in the corner so that no one uses it accidentally?

Sometimes this just explains it all
So O recently came home with a new device. He calls it a tongue brusher. He generously bought one for me as well (though I have already replaced it because it looked suspiciously wet one morning...)

O is a very decent sort to live with but he has one super great difficulty-he always, without fail, forgets his toothbrush!! After hundreds of midnight runs to the grocery store to pick one up, we have all found ways to combat his forgetfulness. My mom always keeps a pack of them at her house and in the Idaho abode. I have taken to keeping a new one in his glove compartment at all times. He returned from China last week and is now stuck using the freebie the hotel gave him (I did not even ask what happened to the one he took over there) because he has run through the huge Cosco package I bought last month!

Because he is always having to grab a new one, he can never remember which one is his. Consequently, all humans in the vicinity generally live in terror that he will come in and use theirs some morning (what has happened before, can happen again). He recently got a new blue one which looked scarily similar to mine, so I have had to hide mine in the corner on the counter.
A word to Ava and O-when you can go an entire week without losing/forgetting your toothbrush, you can get a fun princess toothbrush, or at least one that is a step up from the freebies you currently have!


erika said...

You might want to consider getting a label maker. Then you could label your toothbrush with your name!

z said...

Yes. O has taken my tooth brush a few times if I'm not mistaken. Though he is careful not to tell you take his. One day he found out I was using tooth brushes to clean the shower and he very quickly whisked his far away.

krista said...

Ava does love her princess/fairy toothbrushes and keeps very good track of them.

B said...

fyi: the comment about Ava was in reference to when I watched her a few weeks ago and she was using the most boring toothbrush ever. I asked her why and she said since she had lost like 5 princess ones that week, she was left with a dumb one. :)