Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Royal Wedding Part 2: the Dresses!

So, I am still loving the Royal Scene and have searched high and low to bring you some more pictures!

Dress Number 1:
Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous

Very nearly as fabulous as my own! (I feel a post about a wedding closer to home coming on...) Obviously, I am totally into the lace and Queen Anne's neckline.
Give me a break-I cannot post about a wedding and not make you all relive my day for at least one second :)

Dress Number 2:
I absolutely LOVE this look! I LOVE!!!!!!!! the shrug!!!!!!!!! I hope shrugs are everywhere this year!

Other guests evening reception attire:

William: I almost said "Who needs hair with a stylist like yours?"
And then I saw this:
And instead said: "You totally wore the wrong shoes!" Your bootees are apparently not appropriate for a black tie event. Count yourself lucky that you did not ruin the whole affair with this faux pas and next time, wear your shiny black pumps.

Hmmm, maybe footwear confusion runs in the family. Beatrice had some issues herself.
Can you believe you are even related to Beatrice and Eugenie? I guess with a rugby playing Fiance you don't need a security detail. Your poor cousins are not so fortunate.

Charles: Maybe we should let the past be past and, if we focus on the present, I have no complaints with this ensemble.

Pippa: A little more daring but just as becoming as the ceremony dress. Nice choice to leave your toilet paper ensemble at home. I hear Harry friended your booty on Facebook.
Carole: Whether or not you are a social schemer, I think you won over Camilla, who wore something of a matronly blue tablecloth to the event.

Harry: Whoever's son you are, you look great and were apparently the life of the party
You disguised your twisted ankle fairly well and managed not to attract too much attention to yourself and your wild drunken revelries of the previous night.

The bacon butty:
This was the snack served during the dancing-almost makes me glad I was not invited.

Earl Spencer's daughters: considering your wild reputations, you all looked quite composed at the ceremony.
We only got one glimpse on your way to the party. It is just as well-after hearing about your exploits, I probably couldn't post them anyways.

Eugenie and Beatrice: To quote a commentator on the subject "Beatrice and Eugenie are a couple of shockers whatever they wear. Would make great extras in a horror film."

Wish we could have seen more-I'm still jealous you got to wear two custom creations from Ferretti and you did not even know who that was!

The sendoffs:
(I know my mom will be loving your blazer-after several Vegas shopping trips, I'm noticing they are her fav things ever!)

No need to get the look for less. Kate's blue dress and Pippa's blue jacket were from Zara and I thought they both looked great!

Next up: "Me and my capelet-a photo shoot", and, "Do you know your neighbors?"


Kristy said...

I loved your wedding dress just as much as Kate's! So glad you posted the picture. And yes, the shrug and jacket were fabulous. Hope the shrug starts a trend and we see knockoffs everywhere.

maddie.ballerina said...

I'm afraid the Ballet West men have already bought every shrug in the world...

Jesse said...

Love the captions! You were just as lovely as Kate on your wedding day!