Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tip of today

Yellow bell peppers contain twice the amount of Vit C as an orange.  

Little known fact, much of the vitamins in oranges are concentrated in the peel so zest it over some yogurt to get the full benefits.

So I've been gone and now I'm back

Well, alot has happened since my last post, so I will give a quick update before I rejoin the blogging community.

1-I am now engaged!!!  Very fun.

2-Celebrated two siblings birthdays, always big events!

2-I was diagnosed first with a cough, then walking pneumonia, and last whooping cough.  After a slew of medications and a bootie shot, very embarrassing, and a month of sleepless nights, I seemed to have recovered, only to be plagued very suddenly with a mysterious illness, I will keep you updated on the status of that.

3-my slip fell of my body, slithered right down my legs to the floor, in front of a freshman chemistry class I am the T.A. for, as I was doing homework help on the board.

4-I got new glasses.  First pair since 9th grade.  As I wear them around (from the bathroom where I remove my contacts to my bed) I feel like I am slanted, like my head is tilted or something, again, I will have to figure out what is going on with this.

5-saw the new vacation home in Preston, Idaho.  I particularly enjoyed the shrine/fire place thing in the wall.

well, that is about it, I will see you all again tomorrow as I have decided that with all of my mysterious ailments, it is best to blog while I still can.