Friday, May 20, 2011


I'm moving away from critiquing fashion and turning to movies:

So, this week I saw Thor. (I'm actually counting this as my workout for Friday-it was that exciting!)
The Norse Gods are so downplayed-I'm glad they finally got a chance in the spotlight. Judging by the success of Thor compared to several movies about Greek, Roman, and Egyptian deities, I'd say, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Additionally, I'm now considering switching over to particle physics (to be among the first to hear about other worlds/dimensions/etc) so I'll probably not be graduating for a few more years...

That's it-not actually much of a review it turns out (don't call me Egbert). But go see it, it was great!

In other news:
Workout Day 3 consisted of me (painfully) hobbling up and down the stairs ten times (this house is in a retirement community-I have no idea why they have stairs anyways!) followed by a session with an electric kneading Shiatsu massager (one that I have been trying to get O to throw out for two years now-you bet I'll be keeping that for the next time I brave the gym/outdoors/anything involving my pristine 3+ year old workout shoes). By the end of the night, I was bending around like the most advanced Honda Robot (the one that can run-quite a break through in robotic technology).

Day 4: still a bit stiff so my workout was once again rather (completely) stationary. In fact, it was just me rigging the Shiatsu massager (which is made for the back/neck) to fix my (incredibly) stiff legs. It was not comfortable so I figure it can count as working out-not cardio, but some sort of workout, right?

Day 5: I'm back to normal (mostly) but I knew I needed to be able to make it into the theater to see Thor so I avoided anything strenuous. I think for the success of my workouts next week, I'll start out with the yoga and save the legs torture for Friday. At the very least, I cannot complain, at all, of having any moments of the RLs (restless leg syndrome, or, as I also call it, Relief Society legs) this week so I guess some good was done.

All in all-I'm a little worried I don't deserve the sea salt and pretzel caramels I ordered on Monday (I decided to reward myself-in advance-for the major fitness journey I was embarking on that evening). They are coming next Tuesday at 8 am (Winder Dairy experiment) so I have just a few days left to get in shape so I can eat them without worrying about the
sugar + not working out = terrible consequences thing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Working out how to work out.

Well, Days 2 and 3 of "Working Out" are not going particularly well.

First, I had to substitute Day 2's workout with some stretching, followed by a submersion in sizzling water. I was forced to take the elevator at work because I could not maneuver the stairs and I had quite a time running to my car through the rain-uncannily like Frankenstein. Eventually I stopped running because a) I was rather tipsy on my post-squat legs and b) in my condition, walking was just as fast.

Today is day 3 and I'm still jerking around like a marionette. Judging by the fact that I could barely get my shoes on this morning and am still using the handicapped bathroom (that assistance bar is crucial when you cannot use your quads), I think today's workout will be less than cardio intensive.

It would appear that my attempts to get in shape have been quite detrimental to my overall well-being. In fact, I've been less capable of a healthy life-style since I began working out than ever before.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Reflecting on the days when I was out of shape

I now know why most of America is obese.
It turns out, exercising is not nearly as fun as a Dr Pepper, Cadbury chocolate eggs, and a good TV show.

Yesterday I left the chubby-tubby club and started exercising.
On the drive to St. George the other day, my brother mentioned that sugar and not exercising make a terrible terrible combination. That put pure fear in me! (That and those McDonald's billboards that have a bone and a soda-saying that if you drink soda your bones will pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I got so scared I decided I'd better turn myself around.

I thought that Sunday would be my fun-day so O and I went rollerblading/bike riding. (Me on the roller blades, O on my new bike-he claims my roller blades hurt him because they are so small, but really, he is simply terrified of the speed you can get on those.)
Out and about, heading to the park.

Monday comes around.
Today I started P90X again.
I decided to start out slow-just 30 min of aerobic activity.
I knew I was in trouble when I fell out of my cool-down shower. (fortunately for you, I will not be posting pics of that)
In retrospect, I was in bad shape 2 minutes into the warm-up when my legs started shaking like Jello in an earthquake. I slogged through the rest of the 3 minute prep, 20 minutes of torturous squatting maneuvers, and a few more minutes of cool-down (during which I was calling the pizza guy so I could only stretch one arm).
No, this is not me, nor is this my cat. I was looking around for a good image to inspire us all to workout. Judging by the amount of images, it would seem that people find cats with poor grammar who work out in amazing/impossible ways rather humorous. Very strange.

I hope I have not overdone it. Right now I look like a toy soldier, my legs are snapping about like rubber bands and I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to get to work tomorrow. I don't think that my boss will understand if I tell him I cannot walk to the building but, I don't think I will be able to walk to the building.

The high point of my evening was the pizza! (Which I've been thinking about since last Wednesday, when it was shot down time after time as a dinner option.) (Again, on the drive to St George, my Mom tried to convince me that pizza is not particularly healthy. However, she also said it wasn't particularly bad as long as you don't eat it 5 days a week.)

If I end up getting crazy into this, I'll post some pics of my bikini-clad super hero-esque body. Right now, I'm looking down at my stomach lolling on the couch and wonder if this is really so bad.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Royal Wedding Part 2: the Dresses!

So, I am still loving the Royal Scene and have searched high and low to bring you some more pictures!

Dress Number 1:
Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous

Very nearly as fabulous as my own! (I feel a post about a wedding closer to home coming on...) Obviously, I am totally into the lace and Queen Anne's neckline.
Give me a break-I cannot post about a wedding and not make you all relive my day for at least one second :)

Dress Number 2:
I absolutely LOVE this look! I LOVE!!!!!!!! the shrug!!!!!!!!! I hope shrugs are everywhere this year!

Other guests evening reception attire:

William: I almost said "Who needs hair with a stylist like yours?"
And then I saw this:
And instead said: "You totally wore the wrong shoes!" Your bootees are apparently not appropriate for a black tie event. Count yourself lucky that you did not ruin the whole affair with this faux pas and next time, wear your shiny black pumps.

Hmmm, maybe footwear confusion runs in the family. Beatrice had some issues herself.
Can you believe you are even related to Beatrice and Eugenie? I guess with a rugby playing Fiance you don't need a security detail. Your poor cousins are not so fortunate.

Charles: Maybe we should let the past be past and, if we focus on the present, I have no complaints with this ensemble.

Pippa: A little more daring but just as becoming as the ceremony dress. Nice choice to leave your toilet paper ensemble at home. I hear Harry friended your booty on Facebook.
Carole: Whether or not you are a social schemer, I think you won over Camilla, who wore something of a matronly blue tablecloth to the event.

Harry: Whoever's son you are, you look great and were apparently the life of the party
You disguised your twisted ankle fairly well and managed not to attract too much attention to yourself and your wild drunken revelries of the previous night.

The bacon butty:
This was the snack served during the dancing-almost makes me glad I was not invited.

Earl Spencer's daughters: considering your wild reputations, you all looked quite composed at the ceremony.
We only got one glimpse on your way to the party. It is just as well-after hearing about your exploits, I probably couldn't post them anyways.

Eugenie and Beatrice: To quote a commentator on the subject "Beatrice and Eugenie are a couple of shockers whatever they wear. Would make great extras in a horror film."

Wish we could have seen more-I'm still jealous you got to wear two custom creations from Ferretti and you did not even know who that was!

The sendoffs:
(I know my mom will be loving your blazer-after several Vegas shopping trips, I'm noticing they are her fav things ever!)

No need to get the look for less. Kate's blue dress and Pippa's blue jacket were from Zara and I thought they both looked great!

Next up: "Me and my capelet-a photo shoot", and, "Do you know your neighbors?"