Wednesday, July 30, 2008


After the bowl incident on Tuesday, what more could happen? Smores.

So, I like a big bonfire as well as anyone else, I like the campy songs, tinfoil dinners, roasting stuff etc. However, there is one part I do not like-marshmallows. I really like to roast them, but as far as eating them, they are simply too odd.

So, Wednesday night a good friend of mine organizes a marshmallow roasting affair. I showed up, I brought some hangers to act as roast sticks, everything was in good order. As I prepared my first marshmallow J., the party diva herself, entered the scene.

J, as it would happen, had gone all out. She had brought packages and packages of all the necessary items to make her favorite smores in the whole world-fudge stripe cookies, Reese's peanut butter cups, and marshmallows. Bouncing with excitement, she explained in great detail how I needed to assemble my own smore.

Now before I continue, I must say there were a few problems with this situation. For starters, I don't care overmuch for marshmallows. Additionally, I am only a moderate fan of Reese's. The main problem though-I can hardly choke down a fudge stripe cookie without toppling to the floor in disgust. I simply do not like the things.

Of course, with J illuminated by her brilliant idea, I could hardly mention these things. So, I instead start raving on about how good it all sounded (all the while, thinking of the bowl of cooked peaches the night before, wondering if I had suddenly been sent a curse where nice nice people do really well meaning things that you'd rather they didn't do)

I joined everyone, all 6 people in attendance, around the campfire. As I slowly roasted my mallow, I started contemplating how I was to get out of this present predicament. After raving about the little things, I knew I would have to eat one. Just the thought of it all made my palms sweaty and I began to experience a new difficulty-hanging onto my hanger-stick. All of the sudden, I said "I don't really like to eat these roasted marshmallows". The others just sort of glanced at me. Then, for some reason, I continued "I really don't like Reese's much and I hate fudge stripe cookies" I think J was a bit surprised (which is not to be wondered at seeing as I had, 5 min previous, been gushing over them.) J took it in really good order, (she is a best friend and all) though she did tell me how ridiculous I had been to not tell her earlier.

With that off my chest, I prepared to enjoy the fire. However, this was not to be. Immediately waves of guilt sloshed through me, threatening to crash me to the floor. J had been so excited and I had not even tried her special treat!

So what did I do? I proceeded to roast a marshmallow, squeeze it between a Reese's and two fudge stripe cookies, and eat it!

It was actually pretty good, very rich, but really good. Try one yourself sometime.