Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Car Wash-Tuesday evening

After my ordeal with the fish tank and my bank card, I really needed to relax. On my way home from that catastrophe, I headed straight to the car wash.

After enjoying the pull through wash, I zealously decided to go all out, to vacuum the car too! I rounded up all my quarters and found 6. The vacuum needed 3 per time, but I could not tell how long it would go for, so I just decided to work quickly.

My first set of quarters served me well. I zipped around the passenger seat and the back seat, working quick and calm, yet still very thorough. When my time ran out, I had done approx half of the car. I put in my next set of quarters, and soon found things getting a little out of hand.

So, there I was, scrunched precariously in my backseat, whipping the vacuum over the floor mats. (additionally, my pants turned out to be rather low riding and consequently I lost several seconds of precious vac-time pulling them up). Getting the panicky feeling you get when you know time is about to run out, I zipped over to crouch on the front seat. I whisked the floors clean and pulled the lever to push the seat back further. Interestingly enough, my knees were halfway on the seat and so I ended up flying back and ended sprawling face down on the seat. Annoyed, and ever conscious of the ticking clock I struggled to sit up and pulled the lever to move the chair back into position. This time I of course grabbed the wrong lever and the chair bounced forward hitting me in the head. Feeling absurdly angry bounced my head against the seat cushions a few times before scrambling off and pushing it into the correct position. I finished my vacuuming as the time ran out.

I got out of the car and found I was quite a mess. I was dripping sweat, half of my shirt was covered in dirt, my hair looked like I had been electrocuted, I could not find my shoes (i had taken them off to avoid getting dirt in the car) and I was still angry about the seat not cooperating. I turned to hang up the vacuum and found a middle aged guy just staring at me as he wiped his car off.

I then proceeded to find lots of quarters in my purse (wish I had know they were there earlier, then I could have vacuumed in a more leisurely manner) and I slowly vacuumed off the floor mats.

After all of this, I just drove away as all the other car wash patrons just stared.


krista said...

This is very funny! I'll have to check out your car and see how it looks.

furrever said...

But what about the otter pops? Surely they had melted in the heat by now.