Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Bowl-Tuesday night

After the car wash, I headed straight home. After such a frazzled day, I knew I could not take any more excitement. I prepared myself to relax all night on the couch.

To make things even better, my roommate's friend comes over to make dessert.....

an ominous beginning to another problem.

So M announced that he was going to make stone fruit salad- what could be more refreshing?
After dinner I set myself up watching Law and Order-SUV. It was so intense I completely lost track of my surroundings and was surprised to look up on one commercial break to find M holding out a bowl laden with his magnificent dessert-peaches and apricots cooked in a delicate sauce topped with whipped cream.

Immediately, my head began to swim. There was M, arms outstretched, smiling and excited about his dessert, what could I possibly do?? (the problem, you see, is that I don't like cooked fruit!) I pasted a smile on my face and willed my hands to reach up and accept the bowl. I glanced up to see M and D watching, just waiting to see how much I loved the dessert. Nervously, I took a big spoonful of the whipped cream and shoved it into my mouth. I think my eyes nearly shot out of my head when, to my surprise, I found that it was not whipped cream at all. It turns out, is was ricotta cheese (not a bad thing, just a surprise when one is expecting whipped cream). Feeling a bit faint, I pushed the blob of white surprise aside and gingerly took a bite of a peach.

Now, the peach was quite nice, not a problem at all (except for the being cooked part). I ate a few more but just did not seem to be making any head way. I swear there were at least three peaches and two apricots in my bowl alone.

So there I was, sitting on the couch in the front room. Raving about this dessert to M-who was camped in the kitchen, blocking my way to the sink. (I simply could not find it in my heart to let him know I was not going to be eating it all, after all, I truly did appreciate his making the dessert). Then, I was struck with a brilliant idea. I snuck around the corner and put the bowl in my bedroom! I raced back and hopped on the couch before I was missed at all. I happily continued with my show.

Near the end of the episode, M decides to go completely overboard. Cooking the dessert was not enough for him, he was going to clean up too! he approached me and asked if he could take my bowl. I was struck dumb! I looked around me, in my lap, I lifted up a blanket on my legs, searching for my bowl. M just looked at me really strangely. Then I said, "I guess I took it in already" (which he knew full well I had not because he had been in the kitchen the whole time). However, he could not disagree that the bowl was simply not to be found. With both of us looking very confused (M as to where the bowl had disappeared to and me-wondering why I had pretended to look under blankets as if I would have put a bowl filled with syrupy juice under blanket), M meandered away.

I breathed a deep sigh of relief, I had made it through an entire Tuesday.


dede said...

seriously, I was dying with laughter...mostly because I was there. Reliving this experiance from you perspective made it so much better. Thank you for finally posting it.

Mills said...

Gosh Betsy, I can't believe you ungrateful you are. See if I make you anymore smoothies anytime soon...

krista said...

I love Law and Order--SUV.

furrever said...

Gee, I sure hope "M" doesn't read this blog. He might be crushed.

I guess I'm never to find out what happened to the otter pops.

BTW, the show is called Law & Order SVU. As in Special Victims Unit. Not SUV, as in Sport Utility Vehicle.

Michael said...

"M" has now read this blog. I was really thought that the bowl had just been misplaced, and was really hoping for an exciting "cat and mouse" chase about how you found the it. I must say, this story wasn't as exciting as I was hoping. That's okay, about the fruit... I guess I should just know that you and "D" are very picky when it comes to foods.