Sunday, June 29, 2008

New lashes=New Life

Well, I have kept you all in suspense long enough. It is time to tell you about these lashes.

One cold March morning I won a gift certificate (purchased to be exact) from Jordan's law school auction, thus setting in place a chain of events that would change my life forever.

On a whim (coming down from the high of my English Adventure) I called to see what the certificate was all about. I found it entitled the bearer to one set of "sassy" lashes. Furthermore, I found that the "sassy" lashes would tranform natural lashes into the long, beautiful, luscious lashes you wished you were born with, were long lasting and so comfortable, could turn ordinary eyes into sassy, gorgeous, alluring eyes, and could definitely enhance your natural beauty. To top it all off, the wearer would be "glad to wake up in them!" With these hefty promises, I was, of course, completely hooked. I set up my appointment for that very day.

Following this phone call I proceeded to crack my head open at work, but, I carried on, not about to miss this complete makeover.

Around 4pm I headed over to the salon. I soon found myself in the beauty chair squinting my eyes closed against the bright overhead lights. My eyes were taped shut (in a most uncomfortable fashion) and I was in it for the long haul.

The eyelash girl began. She started by asking which lashes I wanted, the lengths, etc. and I just sat, silent in my puzzlement, wondering what to say (and wondering if my car was parked illegally or not). After some prodding questions I confessed I had no idea what I was getting into. From there we selected the appropriate lashes and got started.

Half hour later, I started wondering what was going on. I asked for a quick rundown and for some stats on the number of people who have allergic reactions to the glue. It turns out, for eyelash extensions, they glue individual lashes onto your real lashes, one at a time. (quite time consuming!) She asked it I wanted to try a patch allergy test and come back in 24 hours but, as there were lashes on my lids already, I bravely proclaimed she proceed.

another hour and a half go by and I noticed I could sort of move one eye open, but not the other. I casually asked Socci how many times she had glued peoples eyes shut, only once. Then she told me to keep my eyes closed.

two and a half hours (exutiatingly torturous in a calm semi relaxing way) after my arrival I opened my eyes. They seemed impossibly heavy, the skin around them sensitive, and all in all, I was exhausted. As I turned to leave Socci reminded me not to get wet for 24 hours (a real problem as I had blood in my hair from the morning accident). She told me not to even work out. (I forced myself to mince out to the car rather than run and risk working up a sweat)

I got home and strolled to the mirror. I turned and saw myself for the first time. I was.......amazed! This new me was so different, so new, so improved, I had long lashes!!!!!!

Since my transformation, I have looked at the world through new (longer lashed) eyes. The lashes have done all they promised and more. I am now a "sassy" confident new person who will certainly be writing testimonials about the power of eyelash extensions!


krista said...

I am way excited to see these new lashes! The idea of having long sassy lashes is very tempting---though the 2 1/2 hours it took to get them on sounds pretty scary. I can't wait to see them!

maddie.ballerina said...

What an adventure, Bets! I think you should send your article in to Seventeen or Teen Vogue. It is hilarious!--Mom

furrever said...

Hmm, I'll have to pay closer attention to your eyes when I see you tonight at Britten's party.