Monday, June 23, 2008

The day my head poured blood

Today I went to work. this may not seem particularly significant, but it is. I have been absent for two weeks, holidaying in England. Upon my return, I had alot of things to do. I started out by filing through my email, organizing everything there. Then I really got down to work. I started to sort out a very large kiln that we recently purchased. I was leaning over to see why the stand was rocking when I stood up and smacked my head on the door. I nearly fell to the floor with surprise, and yes, pain. For a minute, I was positive I was going to lose my memory. Swimming in a sea of pain, I repeated to myself my name, age, location, date of birth, relatives, favorite shoes, phone number, weekend plans. Etc. I was immensely relieved to see I seemed to know the answers to them all. (I have once seen a movie where a lady struck her head on a cabinet door and lost her memory from the present back to age 16, she was married and did not even remember!) My fingers flew to my scalp, clutching it in pain, at the same time, feeling about for any wetness (blood). My fingers came away clean. Standing up, I pondered the next danger-a concussion. I have never played sports, but I have seen sporty people getting concussions on TV. I did not know how it would feel, but I guessed that it would be a dizzying sort of feeling, where you saw double images, and then felt suddenly like gelatin, followed by a complete collapse. So i squinted my eyes, both seemed to work OK, and teetered over to the counter to catch my breath. (I had not collapsed yet). I decided the concussion was over, and walked to the bathroom.

By this time, I felt survival was highly realistic and felt my hopes sail upward. I even managed to gracefully nod to a passing proffessor. Once in the bathroom, I surveyed the damage. I set to perusing my head for any visible sign of contact with a heavy metal kiln door. To my horror, I saw red. (a bit disconcerting to see red on your head when you are a brunette). Feeling a swoon coming on, I clawed at the sink for something to hold. (i have never been able to abide the sight of blood.) I steadied myself somewhat brusqely, and searched the rest of my scalp. It seemed to be coming from just one general area. I gazed about the bathroom and was dismayed to see the walls wobble. Oh no, I thought, perhaps the concussion is coming. I staggered down the hall, feeling a bit breathless, and sat in my chair. I decided to type up this post in the event that someone found me passed out on the floor and wondered what happened.

(Just in case you did not quite get it, there was a stream of real blood pouring from the middle of my scalp, head wounds bleed quite a bit!)

The letters kept bouncing around the screen and I felt strangely empty inside (though that could be from lack of sustenance-I am on a wierd eating schedule from my vacation) and I was in quite a fright until I realized a something, a crucial bit of information. Blood makes me faint. It was not the hit, but the sight, even mere thought of blood that was causing me these optical problems. My vision straightened up immediately and I calmed quite down.

I now have a devilishly bad headache and am going to head back to the bathroom to recheck out the damage and clean up a bit.

So there is my return to work, not one hour into the morning and I have had anear fatal accident. I had better get back into productivity as there is much to be accomplished today and I do so hope to leave in time to attend a belly dancing class this evening.

Until later,


Liz O. said...

I don't know how you could see anything with those masses of gorgeous curls. That had to be AWFUL!

maddie.ballerina said...

Mom is quite worried about you. I think you will be fine. I am making a blog about the books I have read recently. Therefore if they aren't worth it, I will never read it again. It is called M&M.

krista said...

wow! It sounds intense....I am glad to hear that it wasn't too serious.
(I am excited to read Maddie's blog!)