Monday, June 23, 2008

I have now rested in my chair for some 30 minutes to regain composure and returned to the bathroom to clean myself up. I took wet paper towels and patted all the blood out of my hair, or more realistically, smudged it around a bit.  I look a bit scary which is a real shame because I took great pains with my appearance today (meeting with a proff, you know, got to look proffesional). I tried to lightly lay the hair over the ravaged scalp but worry that people will wonder what is in my hair and why it looks so sticky and greasy in the front. I wonder if I should go home?

Additionally, I wonder why no one is in to work this morning.

On the whole though I think I may be quite recovered. And on the bright side, I will wash my hair tonight and it will be ultra fresh looking tomorrow.


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