Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Deep Dish Pizza

This week our recipe was deep dish pizza and it was fabulous!
I am a pizza lover! I make pizza at least once a week, have tried a hundred different recipes. and this is a good one. Its also fast and easy!
(I should have taken it more from the side so you could check out the awesome deep dish crust!)

I have made this recipe a few times before and so I made a few modifications-not as much oil, less cheese. My main recommendation is make their sauce-it is hands down the best sauce I have tried (but I add a few Tbsp of sugar and some red pepper flakes).

My other two tasters loved it. O actually ate it (he generally goes for pizza) and L said, while not as good as the regular pizza recipe in the book, it was great.
Check out the recipe and other reviews!

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Amanda said...

I'm glad you guys liked it and very interested in the less oil thing. It seemed like a lot and I was wondering if I could use less and still have it be good. How much do you use? I need to try it again with less!