Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tres Leches Cake and Starving in San Diego

Well, I'm in danger of being kicked out of my baking club-for reals this time. There is a new policy in place-miss three posts (which means posting before midnight on Wednesday) all year and you are....OUT. Yes, I thought that was insane as well. In truth, I don't understand why anyone will a) know if I miss posting for a week or two-as I have sooooo many readers :), and b) care if I miss a week or two, but apparently some members of Bake 52 could give Kim Jong-un a lesson or two (well that might have been a bit harsh, after all, we have no idea if he will follow in his father's footsteps)

and of course j/k about the club, it has been fabulously fun, I just like complaining about rules :)

Anyways, I zipped straight home from work and made my Tres Leches cake (literally, I have even had to forego washing my hair and showering). I have never considered making this kind of cake before-wet soggy things are really not acceptable food sources in my mind. However, I'm glad I tried it!
I did not have time to let it sit in the fridge-I removed it from the oven, poured my milk mix right over it, let it sit for 5 min, then ate my piece. I must say, it was delish, though more than two bites will kill you.
I halved the recipe and omitted the cinnamon (as J recommended)
 See    for the recipe and a better looking cake than mine :)
Here is photo proof that I made this:

(if you think this looks messy, you have no idea what the other pieces looked like...)

What else have I been up to?
Actually quite a bit!

I went to San Diego for a conference all by my lonesome. I have not been there in recent memory and did not know quite what to expect. I learned a few things, mainly, STAY IN THE CONFERENCE HOTEL, yes, I am through with priceline after what happened to me this trip
 I was like here:

(at least I got to check out the new Dominos moon branch)

and the conference center was like here:
As you can imagine, it was kind of a hassle to get to and from the hotel.

and also, San Diego is not Hawaii.
 happy hour in Hawaii

happy hour in San Diego

The beach I was going to lounge on:

My hotel pool:
(it was cramped)

and ps, when I searched for pictures of Hawaii on Google images, I found a bunch of pics of a girl that used to work in our lab, it was a very strange coincidence.

For some reason, probably bc everyone acts like they go to the beach in San Diego, I thought I would be lounging on the beach during the trip. I never even saw a beach. Other than that, I could not find anything to eat in the entire town. I spent hours and hours walking through restaurants but it turns out, San Diego is all about seafood and happy hour. My first meal was a terribly doughy Chicago style pizza eaten on the bench waiting for my hotel shuttle (which I saw pass by several times before one finally stopped! (on second thought, I probably should have known better than to eat at the airport), my next meal was a pile of weeds masquerading as a $6 spring salad, the next was a chicken taco meal that started out OK until I found, after one bite, I was in a decidedly creeped-out-by-chicken mood (strikes when you least expect it), and I wrapped up with a philly cheesesteak sandwich, about which I have nothing to complain except for the large size. After these meals, I just started eating my cheese-snacks and Nilla wafers that I brought from home. (Whenever my dad helps me out to the car with my suitcase he always says it is soooo heavy. Of course it is heavy, I have to bring my own kitchen!) Other than the food, San Diego was delightful! I wish someone had been there with me to explore and sigh see, it would have been fabulous! I did not go anywhere except the gas lamp quarter, right across from the conference center, but it was charming. Full of little cafes and lots of people and fun shops. It reminded me quite a bit of Budapest actually. I could not find anything to eat there either.

Well, my trip to San Diego was short because I railed right down to Disneyland to meet my fam for a truly dreamy vacation-I'll be posting the FEW pics we got on Vati's iphone (can you believe he did not bring his camera?!?! I guess he mostly snaps people 5 and under these days) and all the details-it was just beyond wonderful- very soon!!!
beyond Disneyland (though it is hard to believe there is anything beyond Disneyland)
In other news, I survived April Fools day without making anyone cry, something of a success. Poor Vati did actually have to go to the hospital to have a cut looked at (so I could not really text anyone a joke about that) and O really did have a scare with lice (so when I told everyone to check their kids they thought I was only kidding and did not give themselves a heart attack) but all ended as well as possible-with those starting points.

And finally, today I saw a mime on the side of the road. He was a terrible mime, just waved at passing cars and occasionally did some weird dance moves. As far as I could tell he was not advertising for anything. I texted Merv and EP and about this and EP texts back "oh no, I forgot the sign I was supposed to be holding" EP just kills me sometimes and so in her honor, I'm posting one of her more memorable alter egos, Hillbilly Johnny.
Now I know why EP loved Billy Hill and the Hill Billies so much!
More to come on this when I get to the Dland post.
Until then!


Amanda said...

If I had only known you were coming! We could have met up at Disneyland or make Tres Leches cake together (in my tiny ghetto kitchen.) Ah, maybe next time. The cake looks delicious, so glad you liked it.

Jesse said...

I wish I could have gone to San Diego with you! Good job on the cake! I bet it will taste even better today. Also, I am getting confused with all of your code names. You will have to fill me in on who Vati and EP are sometime.

Kristy said...

Betsy, you are so funny! The cake was delicious. Thanks for sharing. Our D-land trip was fabulous thanks to Erika's instructions and you pretended to be Erika shockingly well. Do you think you are becoming a mini Erika? So sorry your San Diego food experience was such a pain. You probably better not ever move to any coastal regions!

krista said...

So the lice scare was for real?? I totally thought it was some joke. I'm sorry you couldn't find any good food in San Diego. It's a good thing that you always come prepared with fun treats. Disneyland sounds fab! I'm excited to see the pictures!

Rebekah B. said...

Your cake looks good. We thought it was yummy too.