Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and an Easter Eggstravaganza!

I love holidays!
Here we are dying Easter Eggs. My sisters and I really pulled out all the stops this year. More creative than ever, our eggs were quite inspiring. (As usual, we tried doing the lovely Martha Stuart eggs, comparing the two, I must say this year was a whole lot more successful than ever before, which I suppose does not say much of past years. However, we did do one thing quite well-Yoshi's eggs!! I hope you all LOVE nintendo/Wii/game consoles as much as I do or you won't appreciate these!

ps: I made this photo huge and you still can barely see the eggs. I'm sure our photographer was thinking about joining Newt's Moon Colony and therefore did not notice that the eggs were so tiny in the shots.

This year we forgot to have our egg wars. O has introduced my fam to this tradition and everyone loves it-the kids because they like to hit things (violent little souls) and the adults bc it gives them an excuse to throw away the eggs and not keep them around for weeks. Basically, each person holds and egg, one person hits the other person's egg and whichever egg becomes so cracked/out of commission first is the loser.

Easter day I was visited by two Easter Bunnies! Being married has some real perks :) One of the bunnies gave me a lot of soap and the other gave me a BK gift card (where I will go and get all greasy eating my Coke Icee ($1!!) and then go home and use the soap up) among other surprises :)

Who says Easter Egg Hunts are for kids?!
We always do an Adult Easter Egg Hunt. We all have to come up with services and put them in eggs. Then, after the hunt, we all go around and find out who we owe our services to. This year O did some of our old favs-Czech Dinner with O, Night of Revelry with O, my famous (in my mind) pizza, and also added some new ones. I included a blacklight dinner (I'm very excited about this, I saw it in the Martha Stuart Magazine) which of course everyone thought sounded scandalous (I said wear white, not, come show me your white booty), a glow in the dark experience (I'm quite excited about this one as well-I've got a whole show featuring Mt Dew and glow in the dark bubbles planned), and finally, some magic bean bags!! My mom got those and was extremely complimentary (though I think she was a little scared of them, you know, their healing properties and all). O and I received some fab services that I am going to certainly enjoy including a new CD mix, ice cream extravaganza, a custom party banner, homemade cookies, pumpkin pasties from the Earl, a car wash, and my nephew is going to come and make me soft pretzels!! I am such a lucky sort!

The Hunt was followed by a lovely Easter Dinner (actually, I think we ate first but the details hardly matter, right?)- ham of course, yummy potatoes, salad, ...and strawberry shortcake and sugar cookies.
Adult table

children's table with little Peter Rabbit dishes. I am only including this because the other day I jokingly asked O took look for a Peter Rabbit tablecloth for me in China (bc Pottery Barn had these really cute ones and I was acting like O would go over and just see Pottery Barn stuff everywhere) and O said "who's Peter Rabbit?"  I was like "you don't know who Peter Rabbit is?!?!?!?!?!?" and O was like "so I'll ask if anyone has any tablecloths with rabbits on them" And I thought (bc O had hung up) "Oh no".

I made the bunny-that is veggie dip inside. My bro-in-laws all said it looked like a vampire bunny with the guts spilling out, so appetizing.

 L-the amazingly crafty sister-in-law of mine-made deviled eggs that looked like little chicks-so cute!

 So this week we made the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.
My only advice: I would not recommend broiling your pie. As this was not actually part of the instructions, few of you will even consider doing this.
 My broiled pie. Yes, when I saw this, I nearly threw it away then and there.

 It looks much better cut up

The french dip sandwiches were awesome (that was why I turned the broiler on for 20 seconds), the pie was not. The pie crust was great though, I used an all butter crust and it was not difficult to work with at all (a super rarity when it comes to pie crusts!). Of course, as I am not a pie person (meaning, I would never consider eating more than one bite of pie-the filling first being scraped off the crust bc I do not like cooked fruity things-ever) perhaps I am not a good judge. However, I did have pie people at my house on the tasting panel. They said it was good. However, based on the fact that I had to throw half of it away after leaving it on the counter for 3 days to tempt people, it was obviously not as good as the chocolate concoction I made last week, which was gone after one afternoon on the counter. I'll be nice and blame it on the lack of rhubarb (oh yes, I think I forgot to mention that, I used mostly strawberries, a few blueberries, and raspberries thrown in, you could call it a Triple Berry Pie I suppose). I'll have to try it again sometime in my life and get my dad's opinion-he is a pie connoisseur because my grandma was a pie-maker extraordinaire, strawberry rhubarb and lemon meringue being her specialties.

this is a strawberry rhubarb pie that a) was not broiled, b) contained rhubarb, c) made by the lovely pie people of Village Inn, d) free because apparently Wednesday if free pie day at Village Inn, and e) better than mine.

Oh well, you win some you lose some. And I consider myself a winner because I got this one made before Wednesday night at 10 pm! It was so nice to not be stressed about getting into trouble for my tardiness that I will now go and make the next several recipes. You'll soon hear about them all.
Check out the real thing-an awesome looking pie and the recipe here:


Amanda said...

We do love Nintendo around here! All the Easter stuff looks so cute. I love the service egg idea I am going to have to start that with our family. Sorry the pie got broiled but glad there were people to eat it anyway.

Kristy said...

Thanks for a great blog about Easter. I do love that holiday. You are the lucky girl with two bunnies to spoil you. I have saved the eggs for the egg wars at your b-day. Fun for everyone! I am so glad you are learning to bake pies. Fred will be so excited and pleased. You can help Pud out at Thanksgiving!

Linnae said...

All kinds of good times around your pad this month! I like the service egg hunt idea. Probably it works better with extended family. With just Jason and I it could get a little monotonous. :)

p.s. For some reason that picture of O makes him look like Lyle to me, which is very odd. I had to stare at it for several seconds to check my first impression. Do you think so?

krista said...

So fun! I love Easter. I am very impressed with your rhubarb pie. If I tried making it, it would be a complete disaster.

Jesse said...

I can't believe you made that bunny! (well, I guess i can. you are amazing like that)