Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Sunday Evening with Frogs

 I am taking a little break from my acrobatics routine. I am working on building my arm strength by doing handstands against the wall. Plus, it will be convenient to be able to walk on my hands. When I have more strength I'll move to flares-that might take some years... Aside from my arms, I'm working on a sustained worm, back walkovers, and a nice explosion to a grand jazz finale (which is really a handstand from a crouch to a slide through with the leg pose). I've done about 10 minutes worth of work and I wonder if it is possible to pull something in the upper arm-as I've forgotten the names of all the muscles (except gluteous maximus) I think anatomy truly was a waste, and to think, I've never been able to view Arbys roast beef sandwiches the same because of it :(   
Anyhow, I have to give my fatigued crispy body a rest-my body being tired because I was once again caught up in the Target craze and stayed up late screaming about Jason Wu as I snagged a bunch of strange kitty paraphernalia  online (thought nothing compared to M who got a hold of someone's credit card-which had a hold put on it quite quickly, or E and L who kept up a stream of frantic calls and texts), my face being sun burnt as I did not notice the first line of directions on mapquest that said go 26 miles, consequently underestimated (rather majorly) the time it would take to get to Park City, was late to the ski rendezvous, and did not even think about sun screen. At least I got there. I kept looking for the exit after 13 miles (bc I did not know that I really needed to go 26 + 13 miles) and as you can imagine, I was completely bewildered, positive that I had missed the shortcut through the mountain (which exists in every Fantasy novel I have ever read, often abandoned by dwarfs or trolls). E tried to convince me that there was no way there but to go around the lakes. I will never let my precious GPS out of my site again.
O got up this morning (or quite possibly this mid-day, whatever you call 12:30) and told me he had the most awful night (by way of explaining his lolly gagging in bed till all hours). He had  a terrible nightmare about a dinner party at a family's house that went wrong. I immediately was all sympathy, I know how unsettling it is to dream of family dinner parties where everyone is taken out by the Prime Back Killer etc. However, when O told me the details, I realized that we might define nightmare slightly differently. You see, the discussion had been about convection ovens when O jokingly said one of the party members looked like a convection oven. No one laughed, instead, they all told O what bad taste it is to joke about someones appearance etc while he spent the rest of dinner trying to tell them that they had made this into such a big deal and they were being bizarre while the "convection oven" was just sobbing. Then O said to me (in real life, not the dream) "I mean, no one looks like a convection ovens so I was obviously joking." He had me there-if people say you look like a square box, don't take it personally. After all of this, O asked me what a convection oven was (just to be sure it was what he thought, as he was still so mystified by the reaction to his jest). I myself was equally mystified-by O's reaction. I mean, what a wonderful world where a nightmare is where you call someone a convection oven. I do far worse every April Fools Day (which won't happen this year bc I'm going to turn off my phone and lock myself in the lab for 24 hours this year so no one can involve me in their "hilarious" jokes which end with every one crying and me looking like the villain rather an unwilling accomplice).
Anyhow, I just finished the Scorpio Races, great book, and have been working on a frog face. It is the perfect face to present when you have nothing to say-no witty comeback, no idea what someone said, no idea what an answer is, etc. Ever since I started thinking about it, I have noticed my frog face is difficult to distinguish from my regular face, as my brows are unfortunately straight despite my best attempts to get a decent arch, and my mouth is straight across too-and that is a frog face, and enigmatic straight line that no one can interpret. I just tried to do a little more dramatic a face and ended up spitting my mouth wash all over the bathroom as the result was a bit much too much. I think the burnt nose did not help. So far though, I have no frog face to take out in public. I'll have to continue working on that.
Until till tomorrow (and the rest of my Budapest moments....)

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