Sunday, February 12, 2012

Holla Back Bread

I made my challah bread-late of course but I live by the saying "better late than never" :)

I actually was not impressed with this. My bread did not seem to rise very well and consequently seemed rather dense and a bit dry. Of course, I burned it, that could have been part of the problem.
My one piece of advice-use Parchment Paper!!!! I cannot believe that the one time I am out of it was the one time it was crucial!
My burned bread was really hard to get off the pan and, as I was in a bit of a mood, I had to restrain my hands from hurling it across the room into the trash. I took the photo first, and then, mad as I was, I did not even taste it. I just held a piece of it in my hand and therefore the bread just "seemed" dense and dry. I did have a slew of taste testers and they said it was just "fine".

I have been in a mood lately-perhaps it is bc my arch nemesis of an instrument, the quantachrome CHEM-BET ultra undeluxe series, is finally behaving (and I can no longer blame the terrible results on it and must accept that my samples, my life's work, have some serious issues...).

Anyhow, I'm off to visit with the instrument again and we'll see what happens, I am supremely confident (as I am too optimistic for my own good) that all will end well there :)

This week is my week to host the baking group so I will for sure be posting on time! Plus, I'm posting my favorite pizza recipe of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the challah bread. At least it looked rather like the photo :)
for the recipe (and an example of not burning the thing) see

I currently have no other news, plus I'm still reeling a bit from the ultimate smack down from both L and O the entire way home from our Valentine's Party (they claim that a) people do not associate chocolates (fine or otherwise) with champagne as much as they think of having chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries with milk and b) that they will not engage in further discussions with me for reasons that were not entirely clear).
However, in addition to my pizza posting, I will include a detailed account of our fabulous Valentine's Party, as well as my first project night. So, you have something to look forward to after all :)

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