Sunday, June 14, 2009

To Miss M

To appease Miss M who catches my speelling erorrs.

Some people can spell, while others can only spil
Some like E, make it to state at the bee, Others, out on the word kill (khil, cil, ckyl)?

People have different talents, they know different stuf
There are so many things filling our heads up with fluf
You expect a computer generation to speel? What the hek!
I suppose the real problems arise when they don't bother with spell chek!


Kristy said...

Eye hav a spel chequer that iz not much yous. What eye think u should hav iz a proofreader!

maddie.ballerina said...

i am so proud of having a blog dedicated to me, truly i was almost in tears. i think mom is trying to claim she has some kind of accent in that comment of hers.

Chelsea said...

I don't remember the last time that I laughed so hard! Reading your simple sentence of 'I am now married' was very amusing. But then I read your post about the cocaine and I couldn't breathe- I was howling with laughter. You are one in a million!! Owen is a lucky man to have such a witty wifey!!! Hope you newlyweds are doing well....