Monday, April 6, 2015

Newborn photo shoot

 We had BB's newborn photos taken at fotofly when he was about 2 weeks old. The photographer was so wonderful! (Especially nice since O was on the phone most of it with a work issue and I could barely stand up I was so worn out by the end!) I wish I had taken my elastic off my wrist but other than that the photos turned out wonderfully. :)

 This was our announcement photo

The photographer was very into these little bowl/Moses pictures. BB was too tall for the boat thing so he looks rather uncomfortable and I'm not much of a hipster so I prefer the traditional photos anyway. I should have just told the photographer not to work so hard on these but we got plenty others that I love anyways :)

 I must admit this one is pretty sweet though :)

I told the photographer I liked the ones where the baby is squishing their cheeks up with the hands and they look like sleepy little puppies. This was not exactly what I was talking about, but they turned out really funny and cute :)

We love our little bunny!


Liz O. said...

Gah! So, so cute! I can't decide which I love more. They are all so darling and sweet!

And I had the same experience with Gideon's photo shoot and the hipster poses, though mine def felt more hippie than hipster. They kept wanting to suspend him in terrifyingly precarious crocheted cocoon hammocks and such truck. I should've spoken up more, too! Sigh.

Linnae said...

Oh man, those last ones made me laugh! It was so great spending some time with you guys this week! And I've thought of a bunch more I wanted to say. :) Guess we'll have to do it again sometime.
Love ya!