Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chocolate Roll

This week we made a chocolate roll up cake with marshmallow cream filling. This was OK but I think I made two crucial errors: 1. I did not use marshmallow cream, instead I just melted marshmallows and made my own cream which then ran all over the place and was a mess. 2. I think I should have read other reviews earlier and used ice cream instead of the cream anyways.

All in all, this would be great if you are making an ice cream roll thing. Otherwise, I'm not so sure, it was a bit like eating very very sugary packing peanuts (the cream part very sugary, the cake part very strange texture, but a texture that would support ice cream nicely).

Here is my photo. My food photographer says she does the best she can with what I give her and her camera phone. (I hope she gets a new and improved camera phone for Chrimbo so that my photos will start looking more like this...)
(perhaps I just need them to be bigger photos for starters)

Also, I suppose I should thank my little baking minion L and my food tasting staff M, L, and K for getting me through this week!

See other reviews and the recipe here:

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