Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Multigrain Bread

This week we made some healthy grainy sort of bread. It was good. I am a lover of all things carbs so no surprise that I liked this. I did get distracted while it was rising and I think I might have let it over-rise a bit. This recipe was super easy and fast, check here for the recipe:

Picture proof:

I made it at midnight yesterday, had a taste on my way to work (but as I was running late I did not take the time to really taste it), and have left the rest of the loaf with my tasting panel and have yet to hear their reviews. I'll certainly add them when I hear back tomorrow.

I'm off to Japan tomorrow (better run pack so please excuse the brevity of this post) so my next baking post will be a bit late. However, I will try to capture the essence of my Japanese adventure with L so stay tuned and pray that L does not kill me before I've at least made it to my Zen meditation class :)  (I'm remembering a time standing along the Appian Way, or maybe it was a time when we got on the wrong bus at midnight, or possibly a time when I got lipstick on her green shirt, or maybe it was actually when she got something on her own shirt and had no Zout, perhaps
 it had something to do with killing her Tamagochi, oh no, it was when...I'd better stop now as she has told me to not reveal her private dealings on my blog anymore)

Until Tokyo (or at least the airport)!


Liz O. said...

The bread looks HEAVENLY, and I didn't realize you were leaving so SOON! I can't believe you were at the party yesterday, and that I asked Lauren to make hot fudge sauce for it when there was packing to do! Thanks for being such amazing partygoers. I can't wait to hear about the partying that happens in Asia!

krista said...

The bread looks yummy! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures in Japan!

Kristy said...

The bread was fabulous. It tasted delicious despite all that healthiness. Are you guys having fun in Japan. Please buy L another little tamagauchi so she will forgive your past trespasses. We are in Idaho all by ourselves; it is weird. We are going to go see the Avengers tonight. Hope you are having tons of fun with L and M.

Amanda said...

The bread looks perfect! Have fun in Japan!