Sunday, December 4, 2011

The secret to good health

I signed up for pinterest the other day-coolest site ever! I have an entire board of treehouses!!

(I really had to limit myself to just one pic here, I have so many now!)
(I am a tad worried this could be a blackhole for my freetime)

I was deathly ill the other day. Literally. I have never left work because I was too sick to be there. And I did on Tuesday-at 11 am. (now that I think back, I wonder if illness was just an excuse and I subconsciously just wanted to go home). At the time, I thought I really might die (taking a page out of L's book).  So, I got in bed at 11 am, and got out the next day at 10 am after I was miraculously healed by a beanbag.

Years ago someone in dance company gave these beanbags out-they were to be heated and used to soothe sore muscles. I pull mine out from time to time when I have a severe neck problems (though I have found that O's electric massager is better). Anyways, whenever I pull it out (generally when we are all hanging out watching a show) L and O always whine about the smell. When I heat it up, the beans, or corn, or whatever is in there, smell very strange. Not bad, just odd. In fact, it smells just like petrified corn or a museum burning down.

So there I was, dying. O gallantly offered to do anything I needed-so I had him heat the beanbag up. (I bet he regretted his nice offer when he realized the beanbag was going to be around all night long) First off, he nearly killed me it was so hot. After wrapping it in several towels, I laid down on top of it and....was instantly much better! I had been consumed by chills and aches (I seriously thought it was flu) but the magical beanbag was amazingly helpful. The next morning I was quite recovered, by no means perfectly healthy, but so much improved as to leave me entirely elated.

So I have shared my secrets to rapid recovery-for Christmas you'll all be getting magic beanbags! (although O is very nervous about me making them here, he wondered if I would need to cook the beans or anything...)

In other news:
O and I drove through a place called Cornish the other day. It was filled with miniature horses, pygmy goats with beards, and those things that are like llamas. It was a strange land.

(this is not technically the farm we saw, but I'm sure it looks just like this in the summer)
These are the Cornish minis. See that human in the background for size comparison

The horses were so teeny, O and I found them just adorable!

(again, we did not actually see this goat, just his twin)

These are just llamas, not the things we saw (I think...)

 (how amusing would it be if I had a few of these?)


Kristy said...

Can't wait for my Christmas bean bag! Loved the mini horses. We must take Zoe to see them. She would be in heaven!

Kristy said...

P.S. Can't wait to see more tree houses. I have always loved them since I saw Swiss Family Robinson as a child.