Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New blog, New life

I've decided to completely redesign my blog (I think the black Goth theme just confused everyone), and my life (I am accepting suggestions for pillow colors that will go nicely with a white duvet).
I figured if I put saltine crackers as the backdrop then I would probably get tons of new readers. So I go to the template design page and sure enough, there is a saltine cracker backdrop-I think I'm onto something! Additionally I found a font called "Unkempt", which happens to be a word I spent several minutes pondering last week. It turns out it is a word and, as a font, is hard to read.

Welcome to my new life.


furrever said...

So the Secret Reader finally has a name. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere Betsy.

B said...

Love your and Owen's photo. I am so glad to have "unkempt" revealed. The cracker background is fabulous. Keep up with that bodybuilding.