Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tip of today

Yellow bell peppers contain twice the amount of Vit C as an orange.  

Little known fact, much of the vitamins in oranges are concentrated in the peel so zest it over some yogurt to get the full benefits.


dede said...

thanks for the tip bets!

Liz O. said...

More tips, please!

Liz O. said...

Bets, You left a comment on my blog!!!!! I almost passed out! How giddy am I?!?!? Well, almost as giddy as I am about the next two days of wedding festivities! Bets, we're all so excited for you. Preston & I think you are pretty much perfect, and that Owen is a lucky guy--but he also knows it, and that's what makes us like him, too! :)
Enjoy the midnight blog-surfing. So, so very many blogs. It's the most productive time of MY day, that's certain!
See you tomorrow! Hooray for weddings!

furrever said...

Hey secret reader, time to start the Owen and Betsy blog.