Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goodbye Robe, Hello Cape!

Just when you think there is no more room for innovation, someone invents this!

For the 10th day of my birthday celebration, I bought myself something I've had my eye on for quite a few weeks....

a combo cape/blanket!

Now, I can give my robe a rest and wear this around my rather chilly abode.
The situation is this. My house is cold everywhere but my bedroom- no matter what I do. And when I turn on the heat, the bedroom becomes a raging version of Dante's Inferno (which leads to wild dreams and difficulties sleeping) while the other rooms stay luke warm. To keep myself from becoming a shivering bit of frozen water (since I am over 55% H2O), I throw on my robe the moment I walk in the door.
Now don't get me wrong, I love my robe and all, but, I thought adding a second outfit to my survival wardrobe would not be amiss.
Since I will be spending quite a bit of time in it, I decided to pay a little extra to get a nice shade of aqua that will highlight my eyes (the desert-sand color one was on an even bigger sale) and I think it really paid off. I have totally loved zipping around in the furry little blue blanket cape.

There is only one tiny little problem (and probably why this was on sale):
the only thing that distinguished my capelet from a regular old throw were two plastic tags hooking the sides together under my chin (exactly like the tag that hooks a new pair of socks together). I had to cut off the first so that I could get my head through the hole (the man at the bike store did say I needed the large helmet...) And as soon as I cut off the second (which I don't intend to do but I assume it may come apart on its own), my capelet will become a blanket. I must say, I thought they would have the good sense to put a velcro closure or a button or something. I suppose, that will be the next innovation-a permanent capelet/blanket. Just imagine how wild the world will go when a blanket with sleeves comes out!
For now, I will just try to enjoy the capelet stage and worry about the blanket when the time comes.


krista said...

I want to see a picture of this cape. Sounds interesting...

Kristy said...

Yes, please post pictures!

Jesse said...

Can you post a pic of you wearing this? I need some good blackmail on you. jk

Chelsea said...

This post reminded me of the days when we were roomies and you got a sewing pattern so you could sew your own capelet. But you thought it was pronounced "caplet," remember? I kept hearing the word caplet a lot and didn't know what you were talking about!!
I laughed really hard about the part where you paid extra for the blue one so it would highlight your eyes!!