Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The celebrations continue!

Birthday celebration Day 3: Birthday party!!
Easter eggs, Jdawgs, Ice cream sundaes and, of course, Pink Cookies!

Easter Eggs-several peeps were quite into them
L did some hand painting

Mad's masterpieces

The bartender:
A few of his creations

"Make-a-wish" complete with a Birthday candle

"The Barbie" with rock candy crumbles

Day 4: Easter
Easter Egg hunt

Christian was into the festivities

Ava found an umbrella

Zoe was quite the gatherer

I found a golden egg!

my dinner assignment

try to tell me that is not fabulous!


Kristy said...

Loved the party. Everything about it was delightful--egg dyeing, fabulous food, marvelous bartender--thanks for a wonderful event.

The bunny dip holder has got to become a tradition. Thanks for bringing it.

furrever said...

Love the pics Bets! Many thanks to you and Owen for hosting such a fun egg painting party. The food was great. I somehow missed Maddie's eggs. Those are really cool.

krista said...

The party was great! I was really impressed at Owen's ice cream creations!! They were yummy! Thanks for the cute Easter pictures. I was chasing after christian and didn't get any pictures of the Easter egg hunt!

Jesse said...

That bunny bread turned out amazing!!!