Friday, April 22, 2011

The Doctor is in.....almost, and Birthdays day 2

Today is Graduation Day!!! (at least, for some it is)
Third year down

and currently looking forward to a conference in Detroit...

Other news, the 2nd day of my birthday celebration has been wonderful!
I spent all morning trying on my new Tarina Tarantino makeup and the end result....
A total hottie!
(technically this is not me and is actually the Tarina Tarantino model, but, by the time I was done, we looked essentially the same)

So I felt (and looked I'm sure) really fabulous all day and, thanks to the delicious lotion from Mad, I smelled divine!

O took me to dinner and brought a marvelous gift (wrapped with matching tissue paper and a bow!), Mario Party 8 plus everything I need for a game night: treats, Dr P, and cute popcorn bowls. I am totally into video games and I am already planning endless hours of Mario Party!!

Here are a few pics:
Dinner at El Farols

Dinner at Gloria's
You can barely see it by I've got on this fab necklace from Lauren!

The Gift-O really was so proud of the wrapping :)

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Kristy said...

Can't wait for graduation. I have decided we must go back to England to visit the queen and check in on Kate and William. Good job, Owen, on the wrapping job. Love that matching tissue paper.