Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fresh fruit tart

Fresh fruit tart

This week we made the fresh fruit tart.

Pastry cream gives me the creeps sometimes (and yesterday was one of those times) so I have not tried it personally but my family said to give it very high ratings. They also thought it looked great and would be an impressive dessert to take to a party. It could have looked even more fabulous but I just pulled mine out of the oven, threw the pastry cream in-I did not let it cool for an hour first, then dumped on some strawberries bc it was getting very late and I needed to get a pic of it for the blog.
As an added bonus it was super easy-as long as you have time to let the pastry cream chill for three hours.
I would make this again as individual tarts, taking more care with the fruit, making the lovely glaze, and with the modified pastry cream (made from cream cheese) that goes with the easy fruit tart recipe also in the book (bc I just love cream cheese!).

Check out the recipe, lovely pics etc of the other bakers

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Kristy said...

Just for the record, the pastry cream was delicious and not creepy at all. The tart was beautiful and tasted great. We were all impressed!