Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Failed Baking Week 3

I don't appear to have any readers so I'm not sure why I bother, but, here goes,
Baking Week 3:

Boston Cream Cupcakes-check back later this week, I'm still catching up on this recipe.
check out this blog to see some fantastic pics and the recipe! girlplusfood.blogspot.com
(this week's host was actually the girl who organized the baking club and she has all sorts of great recipes on her blog. You'll have to go all the way back to Wednesday Jan 18 to see the cupcakes post)

So last week was a bit busy...
Sunday: Drove to Las Vegas with O
Monday: Shopped wildly, lunch at my fav spot-Nordstroms Cafe
Tuesday: continued to shop wildly and had lunch again at Nordstoms Cafe followed by reading Mrs. Mike in the ladies lounge
 (I suppose shopped indecisively would be a better description. I was completely paralyzed by decision making! Normally, I just buy whatever my mom advises so the whole trip was me trying to take photos on my wretched phone, send them to my mom, describe them when all the photos came out black, etc. Also, lunch at my fav place was not quite as fun without any of my fav people. Day 2 was better bc I at least brought a book!) (And all of you should read Mrs. Mike. I loved it!)
Tuesday pm: Drove home from Vegas, stopping off at a wings restaurant. I tried my first chicken wing (I only dared to sample the boneless variety. It was not bad.)
Wednesday: exhausted by my late night and early morning. Lugged my lazy self to the gym to start my New Year's resolution of working out for 1 hour 6 days a week (turns out that was a tad bit ambitious...) Went to Zumba, looked like a loon with flailing limbs, panting from exertion after about 5 min. Thought about leaving early but was too embarrassed to do so (good thing I was not just doing a video at home or I would have quit straight away). All in all, very impressed with myself at the end of the class, and thrilled O had been in the pool and not walking by the window to observe my not so coordinated efforts. Actually, after our hour of working out, we both had to sit in the chairs at the front for a bit to recoup before we could head home. People probably thought we had just run a marathon or something.
Thursday: I planned to make my Boston Cream Cupcakes. However after dropping off the red car to have the heat fixed (after 2 years of extremely cold driving conditions), I got all involved in civic duty and such and called the police on some vandals. I blame this on the fact that L was ranting all the way home about politics and Newt G. I of course would proceed to follow the teen hoodlums around the neighborhoods, yelling out the window, telling them where I lived etc bc I have absolutely no brain whatsoever. After hearing from the police that the boys would be responsible for fixing the vinyl fence slat they punched in, I was forced to spend the rest of the day lying flat on the couch for fear that if I was up and about, the juvenile delinquents would spy me through my kitchen window. In my still exhausted from the weekend state, this meant I was sort of in and out of all reality and bizarre dreamland. Finally, I headed over to the gym. Not to workout, but to be in a public place, safely surrounded by people. My complete paranoia carried over into my dreams that night, leaving my completely exhausted Friday morning.
Friday: tired but no longer scared of the high school hoodlum who may or may not be out for retribution. Came home from work and went on a cleaning spree to get ready for O's Czech guest. Finished up my night at Applebees-have not been there in ages but I still love the Oriental Chicken Salad!
Saturday: O's bday party!!
Of course, I am never ready for a party on time! However, we had a great time at the 'Where in the World party' where we samples several ethnic dishes including Svikova from the Czech Republic and watched slide shows from all of my siblings families showing where in the world they have been over the past little while.
After the party I had to support O after hearing about Newt G's victory.
He looked a little off.

Sunday-forgot to go back to the store after the party and so still could not make the Boston Cream Cupcakes.
Monday-I can at least say I have started the cheesecake-which takes hours and hours so it better be better than Cosco's! (I'll actually be posting about this on Wednesday, for the first time ever, I'll be on time!)

and a side story: this happened months ago but I just remembered it and have been laughing for an hour :)
I told E that a Domino's is opening on the moon. E thinks about it for a minute and then says (and I am not lying) "will they deliver"?

Plans for the first Dominos on the moon. They hope to keep costs down by using local moon rock to make the concrete.
FYI: Staff will be required to live on the premises.


erika said...

Who is E might I ask?

erika said...

Also loved the picture of O.

Jesse said...

I read your blog! O's party sounds fun! Wish we could have been there! And I really wish I could have been there for you in a moment of terror!

Hailey said...

Love your blog! As a caveat, I truly only remember to read other people's when I see that they have read mine--- so when in saw your name on my site reader, I headed straight over and saw I was behind on your posts! Please keep up the hilarity---I am still reading!
P.S. I left comments for you on the last 3 :)