Friday, January 13, 2012

Bran Muffins and why I am so late

Week two of the baking club has come around!

Of course, I am late again, two days late this time. I actually made the muffins on Sunday afternoon, but then ate them all before I got any photos. So I had to make a second batch Wednesday night.
Before I could do that, I attended O's Global Business Management course certificate awards program (along with the strangest cheese platter I have ever beheld). I zipped home, made my muffins and got them in the oven before getting sidetracked reading Finnikin of the Rock, which was beyond fabulous! As with every fantasy book, there was that one extremely bizarre element, but that did not keep it from being one of my favorite books ever and I will def be naming a future inhabitant of my home Finn. Anyways, after spending 30 minutes enraptured by fictitious characters, I went to get my photos, but by this time O was busy with Wednesday Night Rapping and could not be troubled to get his phone camera out. As it was his birthday eve, I felt obliged to sit in for his mini-concert, yes, even sitting through "Halo" twice (so he could do all of the parts, complete with actions such as holding his broken heart with one hand while directing traffic to stop with the other). I informed O I would not be listening to his rendition of Jay-Z's baby's song again until next year. (I think I might do a post with pics of their baby's magnificent carriage (literal) bed though.) So, of course I did not get my post up. Thursday was O's bday, I'll get pics of that up soon (as soon as we locate the presents...), and here it is Friday, with me ready to post!

The recipe for the week: Bran Muffins

Bran muffins are my favorite breakfast food ever!!!

I like this recipe quite a bit, it is second only to Tina B.'s recipe (which due to my rather limited viewership I hardly deem it necessary to include here). (However, if you do want the recipe, let me know and I'll put it up.) All in all, this is the first recipe I have made from America's test kitchen that comes in second place. That being said, if you have not had Tina's, these are great.

The recipe from America's test kitchen was great the day they were made, however, the muffins were a little dry and stale by day three. (Not that many were left by day three, I ate half the pan on day one)
I did not have plain yogurt so I substituted vanilla yogurt with no dire consequences.
I actually only had 1 cup of yogurt and had to use 3/4 cup of the only other dairy product in my fridge (half and half, no wonder they were to die for :).

So here is the end product, I would definitely recommend them!

For the recipe, check out this blog:

BTW: angel has no rhyme and, influenced by the movement at Lake Superior to banish the overused words    <3   (which I kept looking at and thinking what does that mean? (Other than the obvious, less than 3) Finally, I have determined it to be a sideways heart), man-cave, and pet-parent, I have succeeded in the exceedingly difficult task of not using these terms once during this post.

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Hailey said...

I have never even tried one of my mom's bran muffins, as I truly hate any muffin in general, let alone one that has something as healthy as bran in it. I will have to take your word! I don't even begin to understand your BTW. Please explain!