Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some wise words

There are some things you just should not do if you ever want to sleep again 

that includes watching movies on the FearNet TV station (pretty soon I'll be like P and have to get rid of my TV)

Soon I will post about happier things, including a Bachelorette Bash In Vegas with the Earl of Pleasure


krista said...

I totally agree. Larry always wants to watch scary movies and I really can't watch them right before I go to bed. If I end up watching one, I always have to stay up even later and watch something different to get the scary movie out of my head!

Kristy said...

I hate to watch scary movies or read scary books right before bedtime. Boo is right; they just stick in your mind all night. I never do that if Fred is going to be out of town!

maddie.ballerina said...

Once upon a time mom decided to watch some freaky show with her yw's when dad was out of town. I almost had a heart attack when they all started screaming. I do believe that EP (or PE as billy says) is quite a nice, hilarious tale.