Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

This week we made cinnamon swirl bread. I was a bit confused and thought this week was cornbread. Around 4 pm I went to check the reviews and was quite surprised to see the cinnamon bread. I was working and did not plan to be home until about 7 so I called my very helpful little assistant and had her whip up the dough-she said it came together super easy.
I got home and within 5 minutes had the dough pressed out, sprinkled with cinnamon, splashed some water on it (I had no squirt bottle so I just drizzled it around), and had it rolled up and rising once again. 40 min later I popped it into the oven and managed to finish baking by 9, long before the norm!

So, all the baking club members raved about the bread. My first bite I thought "I have done something terribly wrong, this is not good at all". Then, my mom and three sisters said "this is so delicious, way better than the Great Harvest Cinnamon Burst bread" (which they do buy all the time and seem to enjoy) and I suddenly realized I don't like the cinnamon burst bread or cinnamon rolls, or really anything like that so perhaps there was nothing wrong after all. I made it through half a slice, perhaps more butter would have made it tolerable.
I must say, this is the best reaction I have had to any of my baked goods thus far (granted, O was not home and my taste testers were more enthusiastic from the get go). My fam absolutely loved it, said it was fab, want me to open a bread store and sell it (actually I may have made that up) etc so it must be just wonderful!
I can say the swirls were very impressive. It looked just like the picture!

Here are my tiny little pics. Next week I'm going to figure out how to make them bigger.

Check here for the recipe, and you will probably want this one for sure.

Recapping last week-my macaroons were a total failure. They tasted nothing whatsoever like mounds or almond joys and pretty much just like straight coconut. I like coconut fine but I don't normally think "Hey, I think I'll snack on some of that shredded coconut straight from the bag. No wait, I think I'll squish it into a ball to make it look like a rice ball, and then I'll eat it." Perhaps I should have molded them into a haystack, those looked much more appealing. My cousin did eat a few and said they were pretty good, and she is a coconut lover so I suppose I should have given them a try (I only nibbled a small piece of one).

In other new
I saw the Utah Lake today. It is huge and right next to Provo. To think, all these years I have been driving to TJ's and if I had gone about 500 feet further down the road I would have beheld this most impressive sight. It was worth the extra 10 minutes I had to sit in traffic to see it. On the other hand, I did think I was possibly going to have heat stroke driving home from work today, there must be something wrong with the AC (and here I thought the only thing the car was lacking was a drink holder-because I don't count that little ring on the lid of the glove compartment, as if I would ever drive anywhere, or even just sit, with a drink balanced there). I did, however, lose a few pounds of water weight, and that was without having to wear those hot pants that make you sweat to death (I had a pair of those for all of one afternoon, after 15 minutes they were so full of water I had to take them off in the bathtub).
I also went on a bike ride through the cemetery. As I observed to my companions, some people have nice neighborhood/park walking paths, we have only nice (as in car-less) cemetery walking paths (and were not certain we were fit to ride all the way up to the nearest neighborhood, though after we can get F to come inflate our tires we might attempt it. And we did attempt to inflate the tires ourselves, it is just that since F has become such a bike maniac, he has taken over all bike maintenance. Therefore, we could not remember/figure out how to use the pump). At least the killer bird was not on the lose.

Well, I am off, tomorrow I'll be back with more Japan. And I'll try the bread once more to figure out what I missed.



krista said...

The bread sounds delicious, you 'll need to make it up in Idaho sometime or bring to a family party....or you could bring some to my house!

Amanda said...

The bread looks great, sorry you didn't really love it, but glad others got to enjoy it. :)

Linnae said...

Hey we would love to have you guys come up for a visit anytime. Seriously. Pick a time and come! :)
We even a have a guest bed and bathroom downstairs. Jason will put the door back on for you and everything!

Jesse said...

I wonder if you would have liked the macaroons better if you dipped them in chocolate? That's what I did. I wouldn't have liked them without it. Also, I am all caught up on reading your blog, so call me back already!