Sunday, October 9, 2011


Photos to go along with past posts!


Frankfurt again

Mozart, L and me in Vienna

O, Maria Theresa, and me in Vienna

A fantastically Rococo church in Vienna

Schronnbrunn Palace

 Dad's large strudel (compare with O's small strudel)

 Schronnbrunn grounds-here O was giving us ideas on how to pose for the pic....

 O told us to try a serious face

Prince Eugene's house

Vienna Parliment

Conference room inside Parliment

The "lovely" sausages :) and you can also see the famous sacher torte!

 Hallstadt, as picturesque as I promised!

 Getting ready for the salt mine

 boarding the train to leave the salt mine

 Hallstadt town square

The Singing Steps in Salzburg (and they say these ponchos are one size fits all!)

O imitating a statue in Salzburg

Salzburg-see the signs hanging above each shop-that is a tradition there

Even McDonald's gets into the spirit of things-btw, this is probably the only McDonalds we saw that we did not go into :)

Dad and The Indian (I think he went into the store 5 times before finally caving and getting a picture :)

O, Dad, and the horses, Dad was pretty excited about these

A band in Salzburg (I'd also be looking a little nervous about having my picture taken if I were wearing those short shorts) Everyone wears leiderhosen and dirndls in Salzburg so we thought we would get some too-you would not believe the price of those things! Seriously, I'm talking like thousands. In the end, we passed and went to lunch instead-this was L's fav place she ate in all of Austria and the place where O tried to order a Red Bowl  (which turned out to be a Red Bull)

Is there anything better than a pretzel as big as your head?!?!?! I particularly like Mom peaking out in the background :)

L looking ponderous in Cesky Krumlov

 Cesky Krumlov

The Scary Hotel (really house I guess) in Cesky Krumlov. The room was  little like a cave

Turned out not to be too scary to have breakfast on the terrace

The house owners

Cesky Budjovice Town Square

Jan and Honza in Cescky Bud. BTW the kids just got out of the pool-they are wearing swimsuits underneath the shirts :) (And me looking incredibly largish-seriously bad camera angle!)

 Prague by the castle

 Prague by our hotel

 The church in the Prague castle complex, I'm not sure what is with the tilting heads

 Prague golden lane-the tiny street lines with rooms and our lovely ponchos
 On the hill above Prague, by the castle

 We saw this an awful lot :)
 This is probably why the walking guide told L to get ready for the next day :)

 L and I posing by the grotto (not sure what pose we were trying to make however)

The American Embassy in Prague

And a little something to get you excited about the rest of the trip...

 On her own with Mom and Dad, L had a major photo shoot all over Amsterdam :)


erika said...

Loved the pics!

Kristy said...

The pictures made me want to go back! Thanks for posting them. Did you know that we saw 3 of the 100 most important places in the world to see? (according to Times magazine.) It was an amazing trip.

Jesse said...

Thanks for the pictures!!! Miss ya!